Prefabricated Foldable House: A must-add Innovation for the 2022 Outdoor Living Trends

“When the earthquake hit Abruzzo in 2009, the idea became prominent in our minds. “ That’s what the Sales Director of A-Fold Houses, Nico D’Incecco, said when I talked to him.

Being a home improvement and real estate writer, I often find pleasure in learning about homes, different types of homes, and various aspects of homes.

Although the interior has been my expertise, construction and outdoor have never been away from my interest areas.

(Off-topic- I am currently digging into the details of flipping old houses. Another write-up on that may come soon. ;))

Anyways, to meet my curiosity about homes, I was surfing the internet a few weeks ago. While scrolling through my LinkedIn profile at that time, I stumbled across the profile of Giustino Di Donato, the founder and CEO of A-Fold Houses.

The moment I looked at the website of A-Fold Houses through his profile, I was amazed. The concept of a foldable house seemed amazing to me.

So, I planned to go dipper. I connected with him and asked him about the details of this concept.

After some initial conversation, I got in touch with Nico D’Incecco, the Sales Expert of the company, for a more in-depth conversation.

The more I learned about it, the more I got interested. The company has been running for around 25 years. But the idea of foldable modular residential structures became stronger than before when an earthquake hit Italy in 2009.

They then started thinking about how to design a temporary house that could not be affected by the waves of earthquakes. Thus, they got a plan and executed it. Gradually, from a temporary structure, it turned into full-stack home plans.

Out of curiosity, I researched more about it and found interesting details. Although other companies offer foldable houses, A-Fold touches the mark of excellence through its high-quality, exceptional products.

The Benefits of A-Fold Houses:

The pre-fabricated foldable wooden house manufactured by A-Fold is popular for its affordability and high-quality material. But, regarding the benefits of the house, there are many other points to discuss.

Energy-efficient: There is barely any other foldable house model that takes such detailed care about energy efficiency and low environmental impact. A-Fold Houses uses natural elements and improved technology to ensure a high energy performance.

Offers acoustic insulation: The houses are made of wood, which comes with exclusive mineral fibers. It makes the houses soundproof to a great extent. Indeed, the acoustic insulation makes the houses more interesting than any similar kind of product.

Durability: Although the foldable wooden house seems to be a temporary set-up, it is highly durable. The houses are resistant to high-magnitude seismic events.

If you live in an earthquake-prone area, you can ensure a safe and secure life for you and your family inside this house.

Easy and quick installation: When I asked Nico about the best benefit of this house, he answered- “It takes very little time to install. Once your house reaches your doorsteps, the distributor takes care of the installation.”

Indeed, it is a much-needed feature as many foldable houses need a long time for installation.

Traditional Italian construction methods: The company uses a 100% traditional construction process popular in Italy, making the houses more unique, sustainable, and attractive.

When I found such interesting benefits, I wondered how it could provide them. So, I tried to learn about the construction process of the house.

Construction Process:

The construction process is one of the significant aspects that makes the houses unique.

According to the details, the company currently offers three models- Model A, Model C, and Model T. People can choose from the catalog their preferred model and customize it as per the requirement.

Anyways, for each of the models, the company follows a swift and efficient construction process.

Wood is a vital factor in constructing pre-fabricated modular foldable houses. A-Fold Houses chooses premium quality wood that is good in terms of aesthetic value, functional characteristics, and ability to reduce CO2 emission.

The company uses “standardized and patented systems” to construct beautiful houses out of this wood.

As the experts ensure, “The woods, used for the construction of both prefabricated houses models, is made of a mineral fiber ideal for wall insulation due to its excellent thermal conductivity, vapor permeability, and sound insulation characteristics.”

A-Fold Houses follow a detailed construction process that includes three major stages. They are -

  • designing the house,
  • building it,
  • deliver and install quickly

And they assure to provide the best customer support throughout the construction process.

The Models:

When we are here to discuss the pre-fabricated foldable houses in Italy manufactured by A-Fold Houses, let’s talk about the models of the homes as well.

Model A:

It is inspired by the A-frame house, although it is more comfortable and captivating than ever. A beautifully designed, classic home with a high level of comfort is ensured with this model!

Model C:

The model’s minimalist, double-storeyed design is ideal for residential and commercial building projects. The smart home comes with exclusive functionalities. Thus, it sets a new record in terms of modern living.

Model T:

The never-seen-before, modern trapezoidal shape provides the same surface between the ground and the first floor. The modern design looks unique and attractive.

Those who do not want a traditional option like Model A or even a minimalist design like Model C can opt for this style.

How the Company is Expanded:

I was wondering whether this amazing house is available only in Italy or not. Nico cleared my doubt.

According to him, A-Fold Houses offers this high-quality houses across Europe. Recently, the company has started to ship products to the USA as well. Also, they are looking for reliable partners to launch their products in Asian territory.

When A-Fold Houses triggered my interest in foldable houses in Italy, I searched about it and found some other companies offering such houses.

So, I reached out to Nico again and asked him — “how does A-Fold Houses differentiate its products and services from others?”

He said that most of them “produce tiny houses, we do it too, but we also produce proper residential buildings.”

And some companies are only resellers, while A-Fold Houses build the houses. The houses are 80% pre-fabricated in their factory and can be installed in a little time. Thus, it is indeed exceptional.

Wrapping it Up:

There are challenges like compliance with the local building standards, transport costs, etc. But, A-Fold Houses is going ahead, overcoming all of the odds.

It has found a way to provide a safe and cozy living to people worldwide.

And the experts from the company work on it diligently. The company strives daily to improve its products and provide a more convenient and comfortable pre-fabricated foldable wooden housing solution.

This is not a sponsored post.

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